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Get Lean in 15 with Joe Wicks' HIIT workout

The Body Coach releases his Lean in 15 Workouts DVD on 13 November

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Joe Wicks, otherwise known as The Body Coach, has shared a HIIT workout from his DVD, Lean in Fifteen Workouts. The 31-year-old caught up with HELLO! in Lake Como, Italy, where he opened up about his overwhelming success and admitted he still has to "pinch myself" that he has the opportunity to release DVDs and cookbooks.


This 15 minutes of HIIT exercise is low impact on your joints and includes moves to help improve mobility. This will help you to move your body long term, whilst giving you a great workout!

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  • 15 minutes
  • 30 on 30 off
  • 5 moves repeat each exercise 3 times then move onto next

1. 10 jab cross lateral shuffle/lateral slow shuffle 2 squats either end: Targets shoulders, glutes, and quads. Little bit of agility this one, be sure to stay focussed as you move sideways. Take it a little slower if need be.

Joe Wicks workout

2. Mountain climb twist: Targets abs, obliques. Take a push up position and encourage your right knee towards left elbow and left knee towards right elbow. Breathe and focus on doing the reps slowly.

Joe Wicks workout 1

3. Curtsey squat: Targets glutes, quads. Imagine that you are curtseying the queen on this one! Slowly lower leg to side and stand up through the front heel.

4. Crab position mobility reach behind: Targets upper body and core. This one is a great move to work the mobility across the front of the body. Extend arm behind and drive hips up by squeezing the glutes.

5. Up down plank Alt toe touch: Targets shoulders and abs. Core stability move this one, will help to make body stronger as one! Touch opposite toe and then up down plank (hands to elbows and back up).

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Joe Wicks workout dvd cover

Joe Wicks Lean in Fifteen Workouts will be available on DVD and digital download from Monday 13 November, RRP £19.99

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