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How Alison Brie takes command of life at the gym

The Glow star opened up about her fitness routine

Alison Brie
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Actress Alison Brie has never felt more in control of her life after taking up a hardcore exercise regimen. The star admits she was often self-conscious before adopting an arduous strength training routine with her personal trainer Jason Walsh to prepare to play a professional female wrestler on Netflix TV series GLOW.

"I've just never given less f**ks," she tells Women's Health magazine. "It's a nice feeling because you live your life more and care less about what other people think. "Your career will fluctuate, you'll have highs and lows, but I can always go to the gym and work out. I'm in control of myself and my body."

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Alison Brie has shared details of her fitness routine

Los Angeles native Brie confesses she avoided strength training exercises for years out of fear she'd develop muscles, but now that phobia is gone thanks to the confidence she is gaining. "Growing up in L.A., both my sister and I had sort of touch-and-go body issues, some mildly recurring body dysmorphia," she explains. "Now I feel like strength is beautiful, rather than that stick-skinny is the beauty standard."

Brie, 34, has made tremendous strides in her training sessions, which include dead lifting weights and bench-pressing, and she is now able to do mind-blowing things at the gym, including performing 40 pull-ups at a time. "I never thought I'd get to 10 in a row!" she exclaims. "Setting a goal like that and reaching it... I'm walking tall all day. People don't need to know why, but I know why. It's so exciting to realise what our bodies are capable of, and to tap into that."

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However, Alison admits she pushed herself extra hard to compete with her gal pal Emily Blunt, who flexed her strength training skills while bulking up for sci-fi film Edge of Tomorrow. "I was so in awe - and jealous. She (Emily) became my template," Brie smiles.

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