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Nadia Sawalha's mum reveals shock health diagnosis

The Loose Women panellist's mum delivered the news over the garden fence

Hanna Fillingham
Hanna FillinghamUS Managing Editor
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Nadia Sawalha was given some shocking news about her mum's health during a candid chat over the garden fence. The Loose Women panellist – who lives next door to her parents Roberta 'Betty' and Nadim – was filming a candid conversation with her mum and dad for her popular YouTube channel, where she vlogs about her family life. During the chat, her mum told her that she had gone on a double date with Nadia's dad to the doctors, and while the pair were joking about being dismissed, Betty then said that the doctor had told her: "He said I think it's early stages but there is nothing we can do about it now anyway." Taking a more serious tone, Nadia then asked what she meant by "early stages" to which her mum replied: "Parkinson's."

In shock, Nadia then said: "Only my parents would laugh about a diagnosis of Parkinson's. You would think they were just at the bar ordering a second cocktail." Betty then continued: "Well he [Nadim] thought he had Parkinson's and I said 'I don't think you have Parkinson's I will look up the symptoms', and then I found out that I had six, and after one you are supposed to go to the doctors." Relaxed about the situation, Nadia's mum reassured her: "Well there is nothing you can do and I would much rather be told it's early stages and to take vitamins and whatever else." "It's just the curse of old age," her dad added.

nadia sawalha mum parkinsons

Nadia Sawalha's mum told her about her health diagnosis over the garden fence

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Viewers took to the comments section of the video to send their support to the family, while expressing their admiration for how down-to-earth and relaxed they seemed. "Bless your mum, wishing her all the best and sending love and hugs to you too Nadia. Love your family, so down to earth and relaxed about things," one wrote. Another said: "Your mum and dad have a great attitude to getting old – many, including myself, could learn from this." A third added: "What horrible news to hear from your mum, however I must say I admire her attitude towards it."

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