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Richard Bacon reveals he has pneumonia 'across both lungs' after being rushed to hospital

The former Blue Peter presenter was taken off a flight from the US

Richard Bacon has revealed he has pneumonia. The former Blue Peter took to Instagram to share a picture from his hospital bed, telling his followers that he was rushed to Lewisham Hospital in London following a flight from the US. "Thank God I got ill in Britain (actually on the way to Britain, was taken off the plane in a wheelchair). [Explicit] all the ideology driven politicians who've messed up America's healthcare system. Viva the NHS. Happy 70th," he tweeted.

richard bacon pneumonia hospital© Photo: Instagram

Richard Bacon has revealed he has contracted pneumonia

The TV personality, 42, admitted that he thought the lung disorder was something people contracted in their 80s. "I looks l've got pneumonia. Although I thought that was for people in their 80s," he wrote, also adding: "Basically pneumonia. But across two lungs. I'll be here a few days." Pneumonia is swelling of the tissue in one or both lungs that is usually caused by a bacterial infection. It can affect people of any age but it's more common, and can be more serious, in the very young or the elderly.

What is pneumonia? The signs and symptoms of the lung infection

Elsewhere, Richard also joked on Instagram: "It's the NHS's 70th birthday today. I hate to miss a party." The news of his condition comes shortly after the presenter revealed he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) earlier this year. Speaking on This Morning in April, Richard reflected on his diagnosis as he discussed the difficult period of being sacked from Blue Peter.


"What’s interesting about that incident - that is almost 20 years ago now - is that it does follow you around," he explained. "But I work in America now... when I'm interviewed for jobs, I bring it up straight away because I know they are going to see it on google. But it such a distant event, it doesn't really seem to matter anymore. But the ADHD diagnosis made me understand that chapter of my life a bit more." He added: "It's too simplistic to say that having ADHD makes you take drink or makes you take drugs as a young man… there is an element you're reaching for stimulants because you're looking to mimic that blood flow."

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