Lisa Riley is almost unrecognisable after 12 stone weight loss in 10 year challenge photo

The Emmerdale actress showed off her inspirational transformation

Lisa Riley has inspired followers after showing her incredible 12 stone weight loss in two before and after photos. The Emmerdale actress took part in the social media ten year challenge craze, sharing a snap of herself in 2009 and again in 2019, and she looks almost unrecognisable!

"Well YES YES YES I am super proud of my #10yearchallenge. I have changed my life 100% healthy food, exercise a lot, stopped smoking, zero booze for nearly four years," Lisa wrote alongside the photos. "But mainly head and heart are in sync which equals HAPPINESS."

Lisa Riley has shed 12 stone in recent years

Understandably, Lisa’s fans were amazed by her transformation, with many commenting on what an "inspiration" she is to people looking to lose weight. The actress has been open about the lifestyle changes she has made in recent years to help her slim down from a UK size 28 to a size 14, and even released her own diet books to help others.

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The Loose Women star has also shared her secret to maintaining her weight loss, which is as simple as not eating carbohydrates after 1:30pm. Speaking to the Mirror, Lisa revealed that she makes lunch her main meal of the day, followed by a lighter dinner before 7pm. "I was the classic over-eater but I have completely changed my attitude towards food," said Lisa, whose favourite foods used to be white bread, crumpets, crisps and pasta. "I used to go out for a meal and have a starter, main and pudding. No wonder I was gaining weight."

Lisa showed off her 10 year challenge transformation on Instagram

Lisa also revealed she actually chose to put a little weight back on when she reach a size 12 as she felt she “didn’t look right”. "My face felt a bit gaunt. I'm not built to be stick-thin," she said. "Now, I feel that my body is the right size and shape for me. I am toned everywhere. I was a size 28. I know I'll never go back to the old me. Some of my clothes are a 12, some a 14 and I couldn't care less."

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