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HELLO! gets close up with Cheryl

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With a much-anticipated solo album, a No 1 single, her big-screen debut in What To Expect When You're Expecting and the news that she is to publish her autobiography, Cheryl Cole is on top of the world.Little wonder, then, that on the red carpet at this year's Cannes Film Festival, everyone was keen to call the name of the Geordie star.But Cheryl took time out to chat to HELLO! 's beauty editor Nadine Baggott about her diet, fitness and beauty regimes.


Cheryl, you're something of a Cannes red-carpet veteran now – what's your favourite film festival memory? "Probably my first red carpet, in 2009. That was really exciting. It's the red carpet that you see in the movies, with the stairs and the paparazzi dressed in their bow ties. It just feels really official and like a special event."Cinema has given us some of the most glamorous women. Who is your beauty icon? "Marilyn Monroe – she was stunning, just gorgeous."You are in amazing shape at the moment. Does it take a lot of work to stay that way? "I work out, I dance a lot for my job and I use the Tracy Anderson method, which is dance cardio. Tracy is a dancer, so she gets the whole dancer thing. Her method is easy for me. I find running on a treadmill so boring."Is working out a chore or do you enjoy it?"When you get caught up in work or you've got to go to college, it's easy to forget how good exercise, even a 20-minute jog in the morning, can make you feel. Forget how it makes you look for a second and think about the difference it makes to your energy."What about diet? Do you have to watch what you eat?"I like to eat healthily and I think it's really important. But I'm also conscious of not eating certain foods that make me feel heavy before wearing a tight dress. So I won't eat bread or pasta or anything that's going to make me bloated."

When it comes to your appearance, are you low or high maintenance? "I think I am low, but I am probably high. I do wear make-up more frequently than my friends and family, but my preparation isn't any different. I just wash, moisturise, put on base, put on my eyes, put on some blusher and I'm good to go."How do you look after your skin? "With L'Oréal face wash and a moisturiser. It is about making sure my skin is thoroughly cleansed and moisturised – that's it. I am not into using 25 products. I am a great believer in sticking to what you know."What's your top skincare tip?"Drink lots of water. People underestimate how much better you feel if you do, and how it makes your skin look better, too."Tell us your three make-up must-haves. "False Lash Telescopic Mascara, Glam Shine Reflexion and Glam Bronze Duo Sun Powder."Any beauty gadgets you couldn't live without?"Hair tongs – they make it easy to give yourself a completely different look."When you go on holiday, what do you take?"Nice shoes, a nice bikini and a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. When you are from England, you forget how bright it is out there, and you don't want sunglasses lines. I put on factor 50 for the first couple of days so I don't burn, then I drop a factor."

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