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Exclusive: get Olympic fit with Gwyneth's guru Tracy Anderson

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Tracy Anderson is the celebrity trainer whose challenging regime is responsible for Gwyneth Paltrow's sylph-like red carpet silhouette.Having got into shape for Iron Man 2, the Hollywood beauty credited Tracy's pilates style workouts with allowing her to "do ridiculous things like be a 37-year-old mother of two and wear shorts".


With summer and the Olympics on the horizon, there's never been more incentive or inspiration to get into the shape of your life just as Gwyneth did. Using the games as inspiration, Tracy has devised these simple tips so you too can achieve the mind and body of a winner.


Getting motivated is the first hurdle to being active. "Gwyneth started the method over five years ago, and all of my movements were new to her," Tracy reveals. "The key was to not give her more than she could tolerate in the very beginning". "It's about understanding each woman's goals." Steady...Finding time to balance training with work and family commitments is yet another challenge. Busy mum Tracy, who is expecting her second child, recommends organising weekends full of adrenaline-packed activities. That way, fitness becomes much more enjoyable for you and yours. Go...Primed and ready for action, focus on those hard to tone areas.

Tummy – this cross-legged crunch works your lower abs to give you that V line defiintion. Remember to keep your upper body lifted off the floor and pull your abs down trying to keep your stomach flat.


Glutes – this exercise will tighten your derriere and firm up your thighs for longer, leaner legs. Be sure to drop your hip in this move, which Tracy calls the pretzel, and lift your foot higher than your hip line at the end.


Thighs – for the leg pulse, keep your hips parallel and push your chest forward. Not only will you get a workout in your outer thigh, but you will also work your upper body and abdominals.


Arms – the rotating reach is a great workout for toned arms and will give you definition in your tricep and bicep – don't forget to really reach your arm high as you rotate all through the shoulder joint.


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