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Mineral makeup: Enhancing beauty on the inside and out

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Health-conscious celebs such as Madonna and Dannii Minogue use them, and their popularity is soaring with beauty gurus and makeup artists, so HELLO! Online asks the key question, what is mineral makeup?

In a word, the answer is: natural. Composed of minerals which are first sterilised and ground into a fine powder, they are then treated with selected natural inorganic pigments to create a variety of colours, all the while remaining free of chemicals.

We look at exactly how the goodness of natural cosmetics works from the inside out.

mineral makeup

Why do we need minerals? Essentially, the body is a machine that needs over 80 minerals on a daily basis to keep those 'cogs' turning, so it is essential to keep mineral levels high. Lack of minerals can lead to many problems, including skin irritation and breakouts, which is why it is vital to treat your body to an extra boost through your skin care and makeup. What are the benefits of certain minerals? The body's natural collagen gives skin its elasticity, but over time this can diminish and wrinkles start appearing; using zinc will boost the production of collagen fibres and elastin. Everyone knows that keeping the skin moisturised prevents early ageing, so it is important to use ingredients such as jojoba oils to not only hydrate the surface, but also work deep down to prolong the moisture. And when it comes to toning, chemicals and needles are not the only answer; pure and natural minerals such as magnesium help reactivate the skin's ability to retain moisture and improve circulation, ultimately firming and toning sagging skin. What are the effects of using chemicals in skincare? In the morning it's easy to throw on the nearest make up, but if you knew what was lurking in some products you might think twice. Anti-oxidants are a main culprit, inducing skin allergies that result in nasty rashes and breakouts. Parabens are used to preserve cosmetics by stopping fungus and bacteria to form; ironically it could be causing more damage to your skin. Research has shown that the chemical can lightly mimic the hormone oestrogen, so used over a long period of time this could potentially cause internal harm.Scented products are particularly irritable to sensitive skin and can cause rashes, headaches and even nausea.


Common Mineral Ingredients & Benefits There are thousands of minerals but there are a handful that are continuously used for their skincare superpowers…Zinc Oxide Zinc Oxide is the leader of the mineral-ingredient pack thanks to it’s multi-tasking properties, including UV protection, and its use as an astringent. Its main power lies in its ability to heal by helping to keep the area moist and encouraging skin cell renewal to quicken the process. Titanium Dioxide Titanium Dioxide's light-reflecting qualities inject radiance to the skin whilst still offering amazing coverage for blemishes. And it’s ability to block out ultra-violet blockage makes it an essential to protect the skin from skin damage. Mica This is mainly found in anti-ageing products as it acts as a filler to reduce the appearance of wrinkles.Iron-OxidesThis comes in an array of beautiful colours, which creates the pretty pigments used in mineral products.Ease of use Despite mineral makeup’s extensive benefits and properties, applying the products couldn't be easier. Foundation is a great way to getting the most out of your mineral makeup as it creates a nourishing and protective base. Step 1: Pour a tiny amount of the product onto the lid. Swirl a makeup brush into the foundation before tapping on the pot to get rid of any excess product. Step 2: In circular motions, apply to the areas that need the most coverage. Step 3: Keep layering until the desired coverage is achieved, this is to ensure a flawless finish without that ‘caked’ look. Lily Lolo Products are sourced from the finest natural ingredients, such as Mica, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Oxide and Kaolin. Creator of the range, Vikki Khan comments: "The chemicals found in many cosmetics are harmful, and completely unnecessary. Lily Lolo has been developed using only natural ingredients to provide customers with a skin-friendly, non-clogging, natural range."Lily Lolo Mineral Eye Shadow is priced at a reasonal £5.29, and their Natural Lip Stick at £7.99

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