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The beauty behind a blush: Personalised make-up tips to suit your face shape

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That soft pink flush which occurs after a first date kiss will always be irreplaceable. But whether you're with or without a date this Valentine's day, applying blush properly will make you look younger and healthier.Most face shapes will suit colour applied to the apples of the cheek – the old-time rule many of us are unwilling to break. Simply do a little smile and dot on the colour upon the roundest parts of the cheeks.Nevertheless, precision is the key for achieving a pretty look which is personalised to suit you. HELLO! Online have spoken to international makeup artist Laura Geller about applying blusher to complement your face shape… 



Round FacesTo complement a round race like Emma Stone's, make an inverted 'V' with a blush brush such as those by Kent Brushes for even distribution and a flawless finish. Start at the top of the ear with colour and blend downwards towards the apples. Simply finish by extending the brush back towards the temples. This method creates elongation and definition on an otherwise round face.Another tip to add some height is to give powder blush a double duty. After you finish applying your face and eye makeup, dust the excess product over your eyelids. This effortlessly works to create a lifted effect to the entire face.Long FacesIf you have a long face shape like Anne Hathaway, concentrate colour on the apples of the cheeks and finish by sweeping up to the midpoint of the ear. This horizontal placement of colour will create the look of more width and will even out the proportion of your features.


Square Shaped FacesA pastel pink blush such as the Laura Geller Sugar Free Blush 'n' Brighten in Boysenberry is a wonder product for those with a square face such as Jennifer Aniston. Start at the top of the ear working pigment down to the apple of the cheek to create a slightly angular look.It's important to avoid placing the blush too close to the temples, as this will make your face seem wider than it is. Instead, gently create a parallel line to your cheekbone by blending from the top of the ear down to the apple of the cheek. This way you will add structure without width.Heart Shaped FacesIf you have a heart shaped face like Girls Aloud singer Cheryl Cole then you will, no doubt, be used to compliments about your heightened cheekbones. To complement their structure, just dab a spot of cream blush on the apples of the cheeks to impart a natural tint and soft definition. Keep focus on the apples, any high and you will end up creating the illusion of recession on an already narrow area.

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