Top tips for getting the ideal eyebrow shape

Whether you're after Cara Delevingne's famously bushy eyebrows or want groomed arches like Kim Kardashian, the shape of the eyebrows is key to any look. With a few simple tricks you can easily shape your eyebrows, without running the risk of over-plucking or being left with uneven eyebrows.

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Cara Delevingne is renowned for her arched bushy eyebrows

Stick to tweezers

If you're shaping your eyebrows at home, plucking is one of the easiest options as you have more control over how many hairs you are removing. If you're thinking of opting for waxing or threading, head to a beauty salon where they can offer you expert advice on what will work best for you.

Use the correct tools

Stainless steel tweezers are a great long-term option as they always stay sharp - if you're looking to remove fine hairs, try tweezers with a pointed tip.

Find your natural eyebrow line

This will provide a starting point for shaping – always pluck beneath the natural shape of your eyebrows to avoid a drastic change. To determine the line, hold a pencil or ruler vertically in front of your face. Line it up so it touches the edge of your nose and the inside of your eye. This will show you where your eyebrow starts. Mark the spot with an eyebrow pencil for extra guidance.

Kim Kardashian often favours flawlessly groomed eyebrows on the red carpet

Don't stick to one mirror

Always sit in front of a larger mirror when shaping your eyebrows, and use a magnified, smaller mirror to help you have a better overall view – plus this will also give you more detail and you can keep checking the shape you're after is the one you're getting!

Work on both eyebrows at the same time

It's better to take a few hairs at a time from each side, so you can keep checking they are staying the same length and shape. It's much trickier to do one eyebrow and then try to replicate the same look on the other one.

Pluck your eyebrows every few days

This makes it easier to spot which stray hairs are part of your natural shape and which ones should be removed. It's better to groom your eyebrows every few days as you can always go back and take a few more hairs out if you're not satisfied – but if you do it all in one go you risk being stuck with an over-plucked look!

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