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Jessica Alba reveals the key to feeling beautiful

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Jessica Alba is one of the world's most beautiful women, and now the 34-year-old has shared the secret to her radiant complexion. The mother-of-two, who has just launched a beauty range as part of her brand The Honest Company, has confessed that she doesn't think make-up and skincare products help, but that "it really comes down to confidence".


jessica alba© Photo: Getty Images

Jessica Alba has revealed she thinks confidence is key to beauty

"Everybody is beautiful, and there are so many different types of beauty and ideas of beauty, and it really comes down to confidence," she told People. "If you're confident, you can wear any kind of make-up or no make-up and have beautiful skin."

She added: "Women are so flexible and multi-faceted and wear so many different hats. I just wanted to show people how I wear make-up and what it means to me, and then to encourage people to participate in the conversation.

"We want to show how all different types of ways women wear make-up and it makes them look and feel chic and amazing."

the honest company© Photo: Getty Images

Jessica has launched her new Honest Beauty range

The star also revealed that her new line of products aims "to celebrate the diversity of beauty today and inspire women to show how they use beauty to bring out their best", and explained why she felt it was an important message.

"I love this approach because I've been the face of so many different beauty brands and the face of so many different campaigns," the Fantastic Four actress confessed. "And it always feels like you're trying to shove something down someone's throat and make them feel like they would only be beautiful if they did this thing with this product. And that's just not the case here."

Jessica first launched The Honest Company in 2012, including a wide range of products including everything from bath and body products to diapers and cleaning products, with Honest Beauty marking the label's first foray into the world of beauty.

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