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Pull off hot pink a la Jessica Alba and co

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It's been hot on the lips of every major catwalk beauty trend this season. And now it looks like the front row may have rubbed off some of its spring/summer charm onto the fresh faced and fashionable, Jessica Alba.Transforming the seductive layers of black lace from her Elie Saab gown, the 31-year-old actress turned what would otherwise have been vampy outfit into a playful look with her bright pink pout at the 2013 Producers Guild Awards.

Jessica Alba

With shiny ombre locks framing the warm biscuit skin tones of her face, Jessica has mastered the art of matching makeup to her Latino colouring with this bright fuchsia lip bringing out the best of her glowing features. For those with fairer skin try an icy pink, and for fiery redheads there's no need to be wary of clashing colours as an apricot or coral based pink is the perfect shade for you. The trick to the trend is to keep the rest of your skin looking just as fresh with a healthy, dewy finish just like Jessica's. A sheer coverage foundation is great for achieving a natural glow – and popping a clickable light reflecting pen into your bag is a great idea for highlighting on the go. Try a spot of clever contouring with the latter to conceal under-eye shadows and plump up your pout by directing light to the lower lip area.Whether you opt for a neon pink or rose flush, to get a real intense colour from your bullet begin with a neutral lip base to anchor the product for a long-lasting result. Dab a touch of your regular foundation or nude lip liner before you apply your first coat of colour and then blot with a tissue before applying a second layer. This technique absorbs any moisture in the lipstick, making the colour brighter and ensuring your pout is party-ready even when the night is over.When considering texture, matte lips are the spring/summer look of the moment. A light dusting of translucent powder can update any product without too much sheen.

Jessica Alba

If you love this bold and beautiful look but are wary of its brightness, simply dilute the lipstick's pigments with sheer lip balm and glide onto your lips with a brush for a stained-glass effect. But there's no rule to say you must keep this fun and feminine palette soley on the lips. Turn lipstick into a cream blush with moisturiser or add a pop of springtime colour to a highlighting primer for an iridescent pink glow. The result is much more flattering than a powdered blush – which tends to make the cheek look flat – and will instead imitate the natural colouring from a brisk walk outside whilst blending flawlessly into any water-based foundation.Pair with matching pastels like Jessica Alba's mint-green nails and tone down your hair colour with highlights and you're ready to step into spring.