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Emma Willis has a new range with Eylure and names her lashes after her children!

The Voice presenter's eyelashes start at £6.95

Laura Sutcliffe
Fashion and Beauty News Editor
February 9, 2018
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Emma Willis has launched an incredible new beauty collection - and we are so excited about it! The 41-year-old has teamed with up Eylure to release a new range of natural, stress-free lashes that are easy to apply - perfect for mothers on the go. Touchingly, Emma has chosen to name her Eylure x Emma Willis range after her children: there's 'Insta Belle', fluttery lashes named after her oldest child, eight-year-old Isabelle; 'Trix-A-Lashious', a wild and wispy pair which add fullness to the lash line, named after her one-year-old daughter Trixie Grace; and finally, 'All The Aces', which are the most feathery and can be layered together, after her son Ace, who is five. We love the personal touch and Emma explained that the characteristics of the lashes mirror her children's personalities, adding that when she first saw the lashes completed, it was "like her children had arrived in a box!"

emma willis eyelashes eylure

The stunning star sports lashes from her own range with Eylure

Speaking exclusively to HELLO!, Emma explained that she likes her eyes to look awake and finds her own lashes (which are priced at an affordable £6.95 per set) easy to put on in the morning as they are light and she can peel them off quickly if she needs to. A lot of people find the art of applying lashes rather daunting, but these lashes come with accents and corners, meaning nothing needs to be trimmed at all – no mess, no fuss. As Emma states: "Easier application, no need to customise, practically mistake-proof."

emma willis eyelash range eylure

Adorably, her lashes are named after her children 

emma willis eyelashes new range eylure

The Voice star recently revealed that she has switched up her beauty routine of late and has taken extra-special interest in her skincare. Emma said she has now started having regular facials, is drinking more water and has invested in good products with great ingredients to keep her skin looking young and fresh.

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