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We’ve found Instagram’s number one spring nail trend – and you’re going to love it

You can do this one at home!

March 15, 2018
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We've battled through the Beast from the East and now we (and our wardrobes) are ready for a bit of spring sunshine – plus the mandatory fashion and beauty update. And one of the simplest ways to ring in the changing of the seasons is with a fresh new nail colour. There's just something so satisfying about saying goodbye to those deep reds and berry purples and applying a couple of layers of a fresh coral, lemon or mint shade. And if you can't decide exactly which colour to go for, then you're in luck – because this season's biggest nail art trend is one that combines them all.

spring nails model

There's something seriously nostalgic about this trend

The look, which is all over Instagram and was first picked up on by fashion and beauty site Byrdie, involves painting your nails different colours, either randomly or in a pattern. It's a fun throwback to those schooldays when you used to try out every nail colour you could get your hands on but trust us, it still looks chic enough to wear for brunch this weekend.

spring nails bliss

This trend looks gorgeous with a traditional Easter-inspired palette of pastel pinks, yellows and greens. But for something a little more muted, you can also try more understated shades such as a rich navy blue, as shown here in this post by hip East London salon Shoreditch nails.

spring nails shoreditch

You can also go for a true multi-coloured look, with every single nail a different shade, or pick a limited palette of around three colours and paint your nails in a pattern. It's an easy way to get an eye-catching nail art look without having to mess around with cocktail sticks, cotton buds or transfer stickers.

spring nails anna florence

To make sure your manicure looks salon fresh, first ensure your nails are filed and buffed with all traces of lotion or oil removed so the nail polish bonds. Push your cuticles back if needed, as these can cause your nail polish to lift. Start by applying a base coat, then at least two layers of coloured polish. Add a gel-like glossy top coat to keep your colour in place. To protect your new nails, be sure to always wear washing up gloves while doing household chores.

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