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WATCH: Old video shows Meghan Markle hinting at romance with Prince Harry – and no one noticed!

We love this adorable video of the future bride!

An old video that has resurfaced just two weeks before the royal wedding, shows bride-to-be Meghan Markle applying makeup at the back of an Uber – and discreetly hinting at a royal romance! Meghan, 36, can be seen sitting in the back of a car, touching up her look with makeup artist Bobbi Brown by her side and showing off a very special accessory that months later linked her to Prince Harry, a blue-beaded bangle.

It is thought that the Prince picked up the bracelet during one of his trips to Africa — and since he gave it to his now fiancée back in 2016, it has rarely left her wrist.


The fun video was filmed in September 2016, after the couple had been quietly dating for several months and had even taken a trip to Africa together. In the nearly two-minute clip, Meghan reveals she is in hiatus from filming her hit TV show, Suits, and is on her way to meet some producers about a new film, revealing that she has "her fingers crossed". Bobbi Brown, not aware that she is dating Prince Harry, reassured her, saying: "This is your time […] I feel it."

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In the short video, Meghan can be seen perfectly applying all sorts of makeup products such as retouching pencils and wands, and even dancing to Bobbi's hip hop ringtone when her phone rings. It seems the duo have a close relationship, with the makeup artist telling the future royal at the end to "text me later".


It is unknown who will be doing Meghan's makeup on her big day, but what has been confirmed is that Miguel Perez will definitely not be doing her hair, despite previous reports. The stylist denied the rumours, posting on Instagram: "There is a fake news that I am doing the royal wedding, I can confirm I did not even meet Megan, there is someone out there that it will be doing it, out of respect please any magazine or online information are not true, when this came out I sent and email to be correct it, so please whoever is using my instagram pictures and quoting me it's all fake."

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