Do you use your Beauty Blender the right way? We asked a pro makeup artist

Lisa Potter-Dixon weighs in on how to get a flawless foundation finish...

Are you a  BeautyBlender devotee? Don’t think it could get any better? Well, it turns out, it probably could. 

Since launching in 2003, the makeup sponge has amassed an unwavering following and with good reason. On Instagram alone the hashtag #beautyblender has over 850,000 posts and it’s not just the world’s biggest makeup artists and beauty bloggers that swear by it - the celebs and royals love it too. The Duchess of Sussex, Kim Kardashian-West and Paris Hilton are just some of the fans. 

Egg-shaped and made of smooth sponge, it’s no ordinary makeup tool but can seem deceptively straightforward to use. Just load it up with foundation and sponge on, right? Well, no, actually.

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“I’ve gotta say, a BeautyBlender is one of my favourite makeup tools. I use it on all my clients and on myself but a lot of people are using them completely wrong,” says Head Makeup Artist and National Brow artist for Benefit Cosmetics, Lisa Potter-Dixon.  

“When used correctly, and when paired with great products, a BeautyBlender, in my opinion, will give you the most incredible, flawless looking skin,” says Lisa. 

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Below, Lisa reveals the ways to maximise your sponge for the best results…

  1. Always dampen your blender before use. When the sponge is wet, it only absorbs a small amount of product. The water makes the sponge swell and ensures less makeup waste. 
  2. When actually using the blender, put the product on your hand, dip the blender in it, and then bounce the blender onto the skin. Bouncing will give you an even, airbrushed finish. 
  3. For more coverage, press the blender into the skin. Don’t rub or drag because that will get you in a whole heap of mess, literally.
  4. Clean your BeautyBlender once a week to ensure that product isn’t drying in it and harbouring bacteria. 
  5. Avoid using washing up liquid. Many people have copied this tactic after seeing countless social posts but remember, the residue of the liquid is likely to end up on your face even after it’s been thoroughly washed and this can promote breakout. I haven’t found anything better than the official BeautyBlender solid cleanser but if you’re on a budget, a baby shampoo is a softer option than washing up liquid. Simply cover the blender in your cleaning product and rinse and repeat until it looks good as new. 

Watch Lisa recreate the Duchess of Sussex's makeup look in the video above. You can subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on Instagram as well. 

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