Primark makes exciting announcement about its beauty products

We hope other high street stores will follow their lead

Primark fans are celebrating some rather exciting news concerning the store's cosmetics line Primark PS. The shop has announced that its own-brand cosmetics have been awarded Leaping Bunny status and are officially cruelty free. Hurrah! This is such great news and a big step forward for high street retailers. The Leaping Bunny logo from Cruelty Free International is the gold standard sign to look out for when it comes to choosing products that aren't tested on animals.

Primark said: “From now on, the entire Primark PS… range including make-up, skincare and haircare products feature the Leaping Bunny logo, a visible reminder that cosmetics at Primark are officially cruelty free."

Primark has an extensive range of cosmetics, offering everything from foundations and concealers to eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, mascaras and eye creams. The store has just dropped their own dupe of Charlotte Tilbury's gold highlighter - and now we know its cruelty free, we want it even more.

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There was much praise on Instagram, with one shopper saying: "Fantastic news! I'm definitely going to be buying their cosmetics now." Another posted: "Oh wow that’s really good!" One follower wrote: "This is good news, we need more high street shops to follow suit. Thank you @Primark for stepping up about above the cruelty of animal testing."

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The Leaping Bunny certification programme was first launched in the 1990s and is a guarantee that cosmetic products are not tested on animals.

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The store added: “Leaping Bunny accreditation at Primark means there’s now even more choice for people looking for affordable cosmetics on the high street that are not only guaranteed cruelty free but also follow the latest trends and deliver as well as more expensive products."