Elsa Pataky posts adorable snap of her twins as she celebrates Mother's Day

Elsa Pataky has been sharing snaps of her Mother’s Day with her Instagram followers, as her and husband Chris Hemsworth enjoy time off from work with their daughter and six-week-old twin boys.

"Que maravilloso dia en familia!! What a wonderful family day!!!" Elsa captioned a photograph of Chris holding their daughter India while pushing the boys in their buggy.

Celebrating the annual holiday for mothers in Spain, in another picture Elsa is seen cuddling up close to the boys, titling her shot: "Espero que todas las mamis hayáis tenido un día maravilloso. Felicidades!!! Hope every mum had a wonderful day. Congratulations!"


"Hope every mum had a wonderful day. Congratulations!" Elsa Pataky captioned her shot

Elsa and Chris welcomed their boys, Tristan and Sasha, into the world in March.

"They are already home. Tristan and Sasha arrived in this world 18 March just after the full moon. Complete happiness!!" wrote in her mother tongue, alongside a snap of the tiny boys’ feet.

In a recent blog post, Elsa revealed that her and Chris had no plans for any more children.

After being asked by a reader if she planned to have any more children, she replied that her and Chris "do not plan to have more children but you can never say never."


"What a wonderful family day!!!" Elsa Pataky captioned this photograph

Elsa revealed that she finds it difficult to be a working mum with twins, writing in her blog: "With twins you have more work, and now I have to do it better."

And she also admitted that it is "quite an experience" to balance her work and home life.

Elsa, 37, is best known for her roles in the Fast and the Furious movies and Chris, 30, plays Thor in Marvel’s The Avengers flicks.