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Fearne Cotton says 'sleep deprivation just got real' after birth of baby Honey

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She's spoken about being "deliriously happy" at the birth of baby Honey Krissy earlier this month, but Fearne Cotton is being vocal about the challenges of motherhood too. She told fans on Twitter that sleep deprivation was a real difficulty especially when she got into the car.

The mother of two wrote: "Just took me 10 mins to get my car off the driveway as I FORGOT how to drive my car". Luckily Fearne added that she didn't plan to drive anywhere, she was just moving her car to let her friend get past.

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Showing that she's taking it all in good humour, the popular presenter has been posting a series of 'bedhead' pictures with what she describes as "mum hair".

To make matters worse it seems that her husband Jesse Wood is also back hard at work, as the young mum posted a picture of him on tour with his band, saying proudly that he was "looking hot". Meanwhile, Fearne is holding the fort with their other child, two-year-old Rex.

The couple also look after Jesse's other children, Arthur and Lola, from his previous marriage for some of the time.

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A couple of years back Fearne would never have imagined the life of domestic bliss, she's living now. However she has fully embraced the earth mother role. Announcing her second pregnancy, the bubbly blonde also made the decision to step down from her role at Radio 1 after ten years. She said then that she wouldn't be rushing back to work.

"I've always had a plan, always known either 'that's what I want to do' or I've been doing it," she told Red magazine. "But having a baby gave me a lioness confidence and a complete shift of perspective about how I looked at the business. I didn't take it as seriously and I wasn't as obsessed."

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"If an amazing opportunity came in, then I would do it," she added. "But if there wasn't anything really grabbing me, I would be very content being at home with the kids."

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Since Honey's arrival, the 34-year-old has been inundated with gifts. She received a dream catcher from her auntie, which is now hanging up in the baby's bedroom. Her father-in-law Ronnie Wood, of The Rolling Stones, and his wife Sally, sent over a very appropriate gift – a pot of Manuka honey from New Zealand.

A few days after the birth on 9 September, Fearne described her joy at having welcomed a daughter, adding that she'd received plenty of clothes.

"Honey has had a great first 4 days on planet earth and already has quite a wardrobe," she wrote. "I'm deliriously happy and feel very blessed."

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The proud mum said she was "deliriously happy" and felt "very blessed" at the birth of baby Honey

Luckily, the former Radio 1 presenter has been able to call on Rex for a helping hand. The little boy has been involved in his newborn sister's life from day one, and has been helping Fearne make home-made thank you cards featuring pots of honey and colourful beads.

"Up with Rex making thank you cards. #art #nerds," Fearne captioned a cute photo of her son's artwork.

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