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Exclusive: Samantha and Billie Faiers talk Nelly and Paul's sweet bond: 'We could cry watching them!'

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There's no denying that Samantha and Billie Faiers share a strong sisterly bond. Not only have they starred in The Only Way is Essex together, but they also joined forces to create fashion brand Minnie's Boutique - alongside their mother Sue and aunt Libby – which they're now expanding into the world of skincare with their new Minnie's Beauty range. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that as both sisters experience motherhood for the first time, they're learning everything side-by-side - and it's been a life-changing experience.

"I think it's so rewarding being a mum," Billie told HELLO! exclusively regarding her favourite thing about motherhood. "It's little things, I think just how rewarding it is." Sam agreed. "It's just watching them learn and grow" she said. "Especially at the age Paul is at now, even yesterday at Mum he was drawing on a piece of paper."

samantha and billie faiers pregnancy© Photo: Getty Images

Samantha and Billie Faiers have opened up about motherhood

The British beauty admitted that it's also the bigger milestones in one-year-old Paul's development that she's excited about. "He's not walking yet but he's trying so he's zigzagging. Every day is lovely. It's how rewarding it is," she revealed. "It's really small things that before you become a mum you don't appreciate – about other people's children, just not your own."

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Like Sam and Billie, Paul has found his own partner in crime in the family – his cousin and Billie's daughter Nelly, 2. "They're so cute together," Billie said, later adding: "They chase each other, they laugh, they giggle. In the bath the other night, they were splashing and were hysterical. We could cry watching them!"

minnies boutique sam and billie faiers

The duo own Minnie's Boutique with mum Sue and aunt Libby

The reality TV star is currently expecting her second child with fiancé Greg Shepherd, and admitted that her daughter can't wait to become a big sister. "She keeps saying to me, 'Baby brother?'", she revealed. "She came up to me the other day and said, 'I want to take him out now and cuddle him'. Every day, she acknowledges him."

Never failing to wow fans with her radiant complexion in her stunning selfies, Billie revealed her biggest pregnancy beauty tip: Bio-Oil. "I'm obsessed with Bio-Oil at the moment, I literally go through one a week," she admitted. "I smother myself in it morning and night. I've been using that a little bit on my face as well, as moisturiser. Apparently it's meant to be really good for your skin."

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It's one of the many beauty tips that have seen Billie and Sam firmly established as beauty gurus to their legions of social media followers; so it seemed only natural for the pair to create a new beauty range as part of Minnie's Boutique with Sue and Libby. "It was always something that we spoke about, we always wanted to go bigger than just fashion," said Sam. "When the opportunity came up, we were just instantly excited and we put all our ideas together, and it's come all together and here it is!"

sam and billie faiers beauty range

The brand new Minnie's Beauty range by Samantha & Billie Faiers is available to buy now, exclusive to The Perfume Shop. Minnie's Beauty Bus will be touring in Cardiff, Liverpool and Newcastle, where the Preen Queens will be providing complimentary treatments with the range.

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