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The nominations have been submitted and here at HELLO! we're excited to reveal the final five mothers who are in the running to be crowned this year's HELLO!'s Star Mum, in collaboration with Facebook. Thank you to everyone who sent us nominations – you certainly made it a hard job for our celebrity judges Penny Lancaster, Kimberley Walsh, Kate Silverton, Rebecca Adlington, Natalie Pinkham and Jessica Knowles.


The final five are Amie Capron, Janet Martin, Lynne Highy, Morag Barker and Kay Kambanis. Read their stories below! You have until midnight on Sunday 26 March to vote so please keep voting. You can also vote via Facebook messenger (you get three votes each!) so get your family and friends involved! The winner will be announced on Monday 27th March.

Our winning Star Mum will be treated to an overnight stay for two at the five-star Mandarin Oriental hotel in London, along with being treated to lunch at chic restaurant Bar Boulud. But that's not all! Our winner will get pampered at the hotel's luxurious spa by none other than Linda Meredith – renown facilaist to the celebs. They will also receive tickets for two to a West End show, along with the opportunity to experience what it's like to be in the spotlight by starring in their very own HELLO! photo shoot.

Read on for our final five Star Mums...


Amie Capron – entered by sister Hannah Peet

Amie is the proud mummy to 20-month-old Jenson. She endured two IVF attempts to get pregnant, and finally her and her husband's dreams came true when she found out she was expecting. Sadly, the euphoria was not to last when, at eight weeks pregnant, she suddenly lost her husband. Amie was left grief stricken but desperately clung onto her love for her tiny baby. Throughout her pregnancy, she was plagued with worry and desperately tried to look after herself for the sake of her unborn child, despite being consumed with loss. Thankfully, Amie's story does have a happy ending. She gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy and immediately devoted her all to her son. Everything that parents do together, she did by herself, navigating the unclear territory of being a new first-time mum. There were many times when she just wanted the reassurance of a partner but instead made huge decisions by herself. It took Jenson eight months to sleep through the night but Amie never complained.

Jenson is now walking and talking (and having the occasional tantrum!) and Amie is the funniest, most energetic and loving mum. Many times her sister Hannah Peet, who entered her into our Star Mum competition, has wondered where she gets her energy from. Amie manages to hold down a full-time job and gives her son the best upbringing possible. Jenson thinks she is the funniest person alive and if he could speak, more than 40 words, he would be submitting this for his brave and courageous mummy. Amie has shown how strong mums are, and that no matter what is happening in their life, their babies come first.


Janet Martin – entered by daughter Ann-Marie Martin-Coles

Ann-Marie Martin-Coles has entered her mum Janet in our Star Mum competition. She shared her mum's story with us saying that Janet is the strongest person she knows. Janet has lived her entire life putting Ann-Marie and her little sister first. Unfortunately, Ann-Marie's sister suffered from illness from age 14 and sadly passed away aged 36 last year. Ann-Marie sat with her mum (and dad) whilst the doctors told them there was nothing that could be done for her. Mums are not meant to say a final farewell to their children, but Janet has continuously surprised, after losing her own parents within 12 months of each other, followed by her mother-in-law and then her own daughter.

She has said many times things will start to get better soon, but the next blow was that two months to the day her daughter passed away, her other daughter Ann-Marie was diagnosed with breast cancer age 39. Ann-Marie thought, how was I going to break that news to my mum? Janet lives 300 miles away from her, but is always there, she'll drop everything when her daughter's treatment is so unbearable. Janet continues to reassure her daughter that it'll be "our time" for something good to happen soon. Her continued support and positive attitude is an inspiration, her friends say they are amazed at how she's kept going, but she's quick to remind them all that her late daughter would want her to keep going. In her memory, Janet holds her head high and enjoys life, keeping up with her dancing and singing, always with a smile. Ann-Marie is hoping that her mum Janet winning this competition will be the beginning of the "good times" she so deserves.

lynne new

Lynne Highy – entered by daughter Kate Highy

Kate Highy has nominated her mum Lynne Highy. To put into 300 words on why Lynne deserves to win is not enough, but in short, she is one of a kind. Lynne has been a nurse for over 30 years and currently works at a prep school as a matron full time. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she is loved by each one of those children and staff. Whether it's listening to their problems or finding a handmade envelope for their first lost tooth she will do it. Alongside this busy life, she volunteers for so many causes and charities. She's vice chairman for her village community council and church warden. Whilst doing this, she's a voluntary puppy walker, speaker and fundraiser for guide dogs for the blind.

Eight years ago, less than a year after losing her dad, Lynne found out that her daughter Kate had been diagnosed with a low grade glioma in her brain and would undergo 18 months of chemotherapy. Lynne never missed a treatment, appointment, scan or visit from the nurses. She was by her daughter's side the whole time and never complained. She constantly gives and never receives. Kate is six years in remission this year. Whenever someone needs support or help Lynne is there. This was shown through Kate's grandmother's fall in November last year. Lynn would drive down to Wales on her days off to look after and visit her. Nanna is now back at home thankfully.

Lynne is also about to become a grandma for the first time which she is so excited about. Her daughter Kate just wants her to be recognised for what she does – being selfless and loving. She's always giving to others through her charity work, volunteering or love. Kate is very proud to say Lynne is her mum.

morag new

Morag Barker – entered by friend Alice Wilcock

Alice Wilcock is proud to nominate her friend Morag Barker. Morag has three daughters, aged between six and twelve. She is a stay-at-home mum at the moment, which is just as well as she has plenty to do helping out at her local church, helping run the PTA, helping out with her park community group and being a loving mother, sister, friend and neighbour to so many!

In 2013 Alice and Morag's wonderful friend Zoe tragically died. Morag was a steadfast friend to Zoe before her death, and has been a great support to Zoe's widower Simon afterwards. She has bought school shoes, sewed on name tapes and been a comforting second mother to Zoe's children who were five and nine when Zoe died, so Morag has been like a mother to five children and not three! Morag is a wonderful mother, kind, caring and encouraging. She cares about the values she is instilling in her children and the values she demonstrates to them through her words and deeds. Her house is always open and children love spending time there as they know it is a safe and happy place. Morag never has much time for herself and it would be wonderful to see her recognised for all that she does as a mother.


Kay Kambanis – entered by grandmother Sheila Bird

Sheila Bird has nominated her granddaughter Kay Kambanis for the Star Mum competition. At the age of 18, Kay fell pregnant and on the birth of her son Archie, her partner left her. Kay has lived alone with her boy and with the help of her amazing mum, she has brought him up. At the age of 18 months, Archie was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy, which is life-threatening and also means he will never stand or walk. His life is constant hospital visits and physio, but thanks to his mum Kay, he is a very special person. He is bright, brave and funny and has such a loving nature.

Kay, now 24, has devoted her life to making his life as easy, interesting and fun as possible. Everything she does is helping him to be positive – cake making, crafts, reading. She takes him everywhere possible and gives him every experience of life. Kay is the most attractive, loving, generous, kind and helpful person – she's perfect, says her granny Sheila. She deserves to be treated this Mother's Day. She never treats herself, she always treats Archie. Her childhood wasn't easy but it has made Kay into an incredible person, who is the perfect role model for other young mums.

Kay has said that nothing prepares or compares to motherhood. It hasn't been an easy road, but she would take it again 100 times for her little boy. Archie is her everything, and she will continue to give everything and stop at nothing.

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