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Say HELLO! to our Star Mum nominee Janet Martin

janet martin
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Ann-Marie Martin-Coles has entered her mum Janet Martin in our Star Mum competition. She shared her mum's story with us saying that Janet is the strongest person she knows. Janet has lived her entire life putting Ann-Marie and her little sister first. 

Unfortunately, Ann-Marie's sister suffered from an illness from age 14 and sadly passed away aged 36 last year. Ann-Marie sat with her mum (and dad) whilst the doctors told them there was nothing that could be done for her. 

Mums are not meant to say a final farewell to their children, but Janet has continuously surprised, losing her own parents within 12 months of each other, her mother-in-law and her own daughter.

She has said many times things will start to get better soon, but the next blow was that two months to the day her daughter passed away, her other daughter Ann-Marie was diagnosed with breast cancer age 39. Ann-Marie thought, "How was I going to break that news to my mum?" Janet lives 300 miles away from her, but is always there, she'll drop everything when her daughter's treatment is so unbearable. 

Janet continues to reassure her daughter that it'll be "our time" for something good to happen soon. Her continued support and positive attitude is an inspiration, her friends say they are amazed at how she's kept going, but she's quick to remind them all that her late daughter would want her to keep going.

In her memory, Janet holds her head high and enjoys life, keeping up with her dancing and singing, always with a smile. Ann-Marie is hoping that her mum Janet winning this competition will be the beginning of the "good times" she so deserves.

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