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Sam Faiers opens up about decision not to share a bed with boyfriend Paul Knightley

The Mummy Diaries opened up about the couple's sleeping habits on Lorraine

Sam Faiers has opened up about her decision not to share a bed with her longterm boyfriend Paul Knightley. During this week's episode of The Mummy Diaries, the TV star was seen chatting to Paul about their sleeping arrangements, confirming that she instead shares a room with the couple's four-month-old daughter Rosie, while Paul is in with their two-year-old son Paul. Viewers saw the 27-year-old asking Paul how long he thinks it will be until they are back in the same bed, adding: "I estimate about three years. I miss cuddling you in bed, it feels weird don’t you think?" Paul agreed, adding that everything will probably go back to normal once their baby girl is sleeping through the night.

sam faiers billie faiers lorraine march 2018© Photo: Rex

Sam Faiers appeared with sister Billie on Wednesday's Lorraine

Sam spoke further about their decision during an appearance on ITV's Lorraine on Wednesday, telling her host "We are [sleeping separately], yes. Anything for sleep, we're like, let's do it! I co-sleep with Rosie and Paul sleeps with baby Paul. But we're all getting sleep in our house." She added: "There was a story that I've kicked Paul out of bed for three years. That’s not entirely true. But as long as it takes until the kids are both sleeping through the night. Well, Paul is, but Rosie… then we'll be alright."

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sam faiers daughter rosie instagram selfie© Photo: Instagram

The Mummy Diaries star pictured with her baby daughter Rosie

The reality star also took to opportunity to defend her partner after he came under fire for his reaction to a cheese toastie in a recent episode. "Let's set it straight," she said. "Paul is actually amazing in the household in terms of handyman, good at jobs, amazing with the kids. But when it comes to cooking, he says, 'I'll do anything for the kids, it's just the cooking.' The last episode, the cheese toastie gate. We got a hamper of bread and cheese as a joke. I was laughing, but Paul wasn’t."

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