Tamara Ecclestone reveals she has stopped breastfeeding her four-year-old daughter

Sophia started school in September

Tamara Ecclestone has revealed that she has finally stopped breastfeeding her daughter Sophia, after four years. The Formula One heiress replied to a fan on Instagram over the weekend, who asked whether Tamara still nursed her child. "No Fifi stopped at the end of the summer x," she wrote on Instagram Stories.

Bernie Ecclestone's daughter has been very vocal about her breastfeeding journey. In April, she appeared on This Morning and told hosts Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford: "I still breastfeed her in the night, I've talked openly about that, it's a personal decision. I really don't have a desire to [go away], I go out for dinner with my husband, but I come back to her and I like to make sure she's ready in the morning."

Tamara has stopped breastfeeding her daughter

The model, 34, shares her daughter Sophia – known as Fifi – with husband Jay Rutland. Last year, she also opened up to HELLO! about her decision to breastfeed her child. "I will never feel uncomfortable about such a natural act and about nourishing and building up her immune system and giving her in a way, it's also comfort, and I do want to meet all her needs," she said.

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Tamara talks about Fifi starting school:

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Tamara added: "And I know that she's such a smart girl, when she is done it will really be the right time for her and that will be the right time for us. She's not going to go to university and be still on my nipple. The natural age of weaning apparently is about the age of four and half, she may be done before that, she may be done around that time, but whenever is right for her is the only time that is right for me."

Doting parents Jay and Tamara have been married for five years. The couple tied the knot on the French Riviera in 2013, just six months after meeting. They had been set up on a blind date, and Jay proposed on bended knee one month later. Speaking about how many children he'd like to have, Jay has previously told HELLO!: "I would have another one tomorrow. In an ideal world I'd like three."

Tamara and husband Jay welcomed their daughter four years ago

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Tamara teased: "I can tell you now that three isn't happening. I do want another child but 2017 isn't the year. You never know what's going to happen in the future but right now I'm so consumed with Sophia and I'm still breastfeeding. I personally don't feel ready. My body doesn't feel ready."

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