Ruth Langsford's parenting guide: 6 tips the This Morning star swears by

The This Morning host shares son Jack with husband Eamonn Holmes

Ruth Langsford may have kept her son Jack out of the public eye during his childhood, but she has been sharing more snippets into their family life now he is older, especially during her appearances on Loose Women!

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The This Morning host and her husband Eammon Holmes often joke that they embarrass their son, especially when they are on television - but that's a parent's right, isn't it? Take a look at what Ruth has divulged about her experience of motherhood...

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Treat all your kids the same

It may sound like an obvious one, but it's often the cause of debate in many big families and blended families. When discussing whether parents can have a favourite child on Loose Women, Ruth reflected on the dynamics between Jack - who lives with them - and his three older siblings, who are Eamonn's children from his first marriage.

Despite Eamonn worrying that his older children would feel the 18-year-old got special treatment, she revealed the siblings are all very close. "I think it's been fantastic for Eamonn because when we had Jack, the other three didn't live with us, and I think he was always concerned that they might feel that Jack got special treatment or that they might be jealous of him, but that never happened," Ruth said.


Eamonn Holmes is a doting dad to four children

The doting mum also praised Eamonn as a father. She said: "Obviously Eamonn's got four, and people have said to me does Eamonn treat Jack differently from the other three. And I say absolutely not one iota, as far as he's concerned he has four children, they are all treated the same. Eamonn's three children from his previous marriage all love Jack and he loves them, and they are all very close. They talk a lot actually with Eamon and I."

Don't hide your emotions

Everyone has their ups and downs, but Ruth told Loose Women viewers that they shouldn't worry about hiding their emotions from their children. Recalling an emotional moment she had experienced recently, she said she was crying in the kitchen when Jack came in and gave her a hug. After Ruth teared up at the memory of the sweet encounter, her co-star Nadia Sawalha said: "Sometimes we underestimate how strong our families are," and Ruth agreed: "And don’t always try and hide it because your kids can cope better than you think."

Support whatever career they choose

Both Ruth and Eamonn are household names on daytime TV so it would make sense that their son may follow in their footsteps and have a career in the television industry. However, Eamonn stressed that they would encourage Jack to choose his own path during an interview with HELLO! in 2019. "I think he would make a good journalist but whatever he wants to do in life is totally up to him," he said.


Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes revealed their son may take after them

Ruth added: "We wouldn't have a problem if he wanted to go into the industry, we would help him as much as we can. We have had great careers, a great life doing this, and he is very much like his dad, he's very interested in news and politics which at 17 I wasn't interested in."

Sacrifices are sometimes necessary

Many people struggle to find that perfect work-life balance, but Ruth revealed she is not afraid to make some sacrifices if it means being there for Jack during important life events. 

In 2018, Ruth missed the TV Choice Awards, in which Loose Women had been nominated for Best Daytime Show, because Jack had just got a place in sixth form and she wanted to go to a parents' evening. "It was very important because Jack's just gone into the sixth form," she said at the time. Ruth also couldn’t help gloating to the rest of the Loose Women, telling them: "I haven’t got a sore head this morning!" 


The TV star shared an insight into her parenting style on Loose Women

Be firm but fair

The TV star revealed there is a good cop and bad cop when it comes to their parenting style, and she is the latter! Back in 2016, she said: "Eamonn and I do play good cop and bad cop and I am the ­disciplinarian." Ruth continued that she has fun with Jack, but also reminds him she is the parent in their relationship. "I will often say to him, 'I’m your parent not your friend' because I think you need to be able to dole out the discipline and guide them," the mother-of-one explained. "But we do have fun. We go to the cinema together – he’s not completely embarrassed to be seen with me."

Make time for family

With busy schedules, the couple ensures they put their family first - and having a roast on Sundays is one of Ruth's favourite traditions. "I am very much a home bird and I don't get to spend as much time at home as I would like to because of work (which I love), so when I have some time off it's really spending time with family and being at home," the 60-year-old told HELLO!.


Ruth enjoys cooking with her family at the weekend

"I love cooking, it's my hobby and I find it very relaxing. There will be times when I am making roast dinner and we have family coming around, while Jack and Eamonn are watching the football. So spending time with family and friends really, that time is very precious to me."

And she even asked Jack whether he would mind her taking part in Strictly Come Dancing as it would mean that she would be spending more time away from the house - how thoughtful!

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