All you ever wanted to know about cosmetic serum

Experts from Vichy help us explain the ins and outs of cosmetic serum

Maybe you're not really quite sure what it is, or maybe you're happy enough with your usual moisturiser and haven't felt the need to change. But even if you haven't tried it, cosmetic serum is becoming more and more popular, and it really is a blessing for your skin.

With help from experts from the Vichy labs we've put together the key facts on serum. So, if you were wondering about it, but didn't know what to ask, read on...



  1. What is it?
    A serum is a product typified by its rapid absorption and ability to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, together with its non-greasy finish and intensive formula with a very high concentration of active substances.

  2. Active ingredients
    Like many other skin products, serums are designed to focus on different actions – anti-ageing, brightening, acne prevention, etc. Because of the high concentrations of the active elements, it is common for cosmetic serums to contain only a few active ingredients which provide intensive nutrition for the deeper layers of your skin.

  3. Texture
    Like other cosmetic products, serums are oil-and water-based, but the texture is oil-free so that the serum can penetrate deep into the skin leaving a non-greasy finish that allows the subsequent application of a treatment cream.

  4. Velvet finish
    The oil-free finish doesn't leave your skin feeling tight after use: instead it should feel velvety smooth because of the serum's intensive and deep-layer action.

  5. Effectiveness
    Since the active ingredients are so highly concentrated, a serum will produce more visible results in less time than a simple moisturiser or other skin product.

  6. Sensitive skins
    Sometime the high concentration of active ingredients can irritate sensitive skin. That's why products such as Vichy's LIFTACTIV Serum 10, have been developed specifically for this type of skin.

  7. How to use
    Apply serum to clean skin to optimise penetration of the active elements. You can use a serum alone or in addition to your usual daily skin products.

  8. Massage
    Massage can be very effective in helping the serum penetrate more deeply. The Vichy Institute has developed a lift-effect face massage that will enhance the effects of anti-ageing serum. A drop of the product is applied and spread using both hands from the centre of the face towards the edges, using long, upward sweeping movements.

  9. Age
    Serums are not only suitable for mature skins. They can be used at any age, choosing whichever is most applicable: antioxidant, moisturising, nourishing, energising, etc.

  10. Cost
    As we've noted, the concentration of active ingredients is higher – up to twice as much – as in ordinary face creams, and you can hope for better results in a shorter time, which explains the apparently higher cost of serums.

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