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Sleeping beauty

Your beauty routine needn't stop when you go to bed

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Do you know just how much the hours of sleep can contribute to your beauty regime? We're all aware that sleeping well is essential for both physical and mental health and well-being, but good nocturnal cosmetic habits are also important. So if you want to rise and shine and greet the morning with radiant skin, take a look at our recommendations:


The importance of cleansingBefore bed, a thorough cleansing routine is essential to clean the skin and leave it free of all traces of make up and all the grime that has accumulated through the day. Even if you don't use cosmetics, cleansing is important: naturally produced oils combine with microscopic particles from the air to block pores, resulting in pimples, blackheads and other blemishes. This build up can also prevent the proper exchange of oxygen and 'suffocate' your skin.Age and skin typeFor young skin, simple cleansing is probably enough and there's no need to apply any special products overnight. This will allow the skin to breathe and regenerate naturally. Older skins need a little more help, though, and you'll need to apply a night cream to repair the damage caused during the day. Dry skin will need to be moisturised while an astringent cleanser should be used on oily skin and a toner applied. If you suffer from acne or other skin problems, it's important to use specific products, so consult your dermatologist. In all cases, remember that products applied to clean skin will have a greater effect.Night creamsNocturnal epithelial cell regeneration means the night is a time when the skin is more receptive to cream treatments. Night creams are specifically designed to take advantage of this and tend to include a larger number of active ingredients than those designed for daytime use while omitting the elements that protect against the sun.Around the eyesWith clean, receptive skin in its regeneration stage, night time is a good time to apply products to the area around the eye. This includes botox eye creams and serums, anti-wrinkle treatments and products aimed at reducing under-eye bags and dark circles. Be careful, though to avoid heavy products that may irritate the area and cause inflammation.

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