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How to make a long-haul flight beautiful

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Have you ever wondered how Kate Middleton, Victoria Beckham or the effortlessly fresh-faced Emma Watson always managed to look picture perfect straight after stepping off the plane? The answer is simple - preparation. A plane might not be the most glamorous of settings, but ignoring the cramped leg space and packaged food, a long-haul flight can provide the perfect opportunity for some pampering. To help turn your half-square-metre into a personal salon HELLO! Online's beauty writer shares her five-step jet-setting skincare routine:



Step 1: HairAs you watch the safety demonstration and flick through your in-flight magazine, whip your hair up into a bun to keep it out of your face for the remainder of the journey. I like to comb out any knots with my Tangle Teezer before running some of Douvall's Organic Argon Oil Moisturiser through the ends for protection. Step 2: CleanseForget make-up when you're boarding an overnight flight. In the cabin's drying climate, the best approach is to give the skin's surface space to breathe, so if you are wearing any foundation or tinted moisturizer, now's the time to take it off. Facial wipes will do the trick, but similarly Bioderma's Sensibo H20 or Clarins' Peach Cleasing Water are great for unclogging pores without needing a bathroom sink. Step 3: HydrateMake-up artist to the stars, Lisa Eldridge suggests using a clear overnight treatment mask to lock in the moisture when travelling in the air. Anything with hyaluronic acid in is perfect for making sure your face stays fully hydrated throughout the flight as it can hold 1000 times its own weight in water. But if you aren't keen on sitting back with a face pack then Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair is full of this active ingredient that will leave your skin glowing on touch down. Top tip: Samples of serums like this are ideal for travelling and can be picked up from most beauty counters in addition to a purchase if you simply ask.



Step 4: SleepThe prospect of catching some shut eye on a plane may seem a difficult task. But even resting with your eyes closed for the most part will prevent any bleary bloodshot eyes on arrival. On a plane, an eye mask will be your best friend, and to help encourage the z's try surrounding yourself with essential oils. The lavender and eucalyptus found in This Work's Stress Less brings the perfect calming vibe to a turbulent journey.Step 5: Refresh One of the best ways to avoid tightness and discomfort from lack of hydration is to periodically mist your face with a refreshing facial spray in addition to drinking plenty of water. These can be spritzed over the top of your mask or serum whenever you wake up. Caudalie's Beauty Elixir is a classic option and smells just like peppermint – a great scent for reducing travel sickness. And once the seatbelt signs are off it's time to give your face another cleanse and top up with your regular daily moisturiser. You should notice that your skin feels, plump rejuvanated and protected from the recycled cabin air.

Simply dab concealer where needed and pop on lipbalm before you leave the plane with that holiday-ready glow!

Report: Christine Humphrey

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