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3 facials to soothe summer skin

August 15, 2014
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As summer wraps up, your skin might need a treat in order to recover from the damage harsh rays can do.So whether you’re just looking for something to improve the surface or a treatment that goes a little deeper than usual, HELLO! Online has three facial options to try.

Golden Maharani Gold Leaf Facial at Thai Square Spa

Golden Maharani Gold Leaf Facial at Thai Square Spa £125Perhaps the most glamorous of them all, you’re likely to feel as though you’ve been transported to Thailand upon arrival at this Covent Garden salon.You’ll be shown through the dimly lit building into a serene area where herbal tea and lounge chairs are available, before being asked to change into clean flip flops for the rest of the experience.The therapist began by dipping our feet into a bowl of warm water, and washing them down with a flannel which is all part of the Thai experience. The next 90 minutes was an indulgent and blissful time with the Gold Leaf Mask treatment, which will exfoliate and hydrate.While listening to relaxing music the therapist worked on transforming the skin complexion and ridding it of pollutants to restore ionic balance. With a terrace open for summer and even a private room for parties, Thai Square Spa is ideal for spending the day with friends and loved ones.

Skin peel at Cosmedocs (price varies) on London’s Harley Street, this clinic provides a range of offers including a skin peel which can improve many problems including sun damage, acne and blemishes.While in babies surface skin is replaced every few days, from the 20s this slows down to about every three weeks and later on to about a month or more. So it really is worth investing in a peel every so often. A consultant will assess each customer’s skin type before deciding whether they are best suited to a superficial peel (AHA), medium peel (TCA) or deep peel (Phenol).Following a thorough cleanse and quick peel – timing of which can vary from person to person – we took away a range of Harley Street Solutions aftercare products to keep the skin looking fresh. We were told to cleanse in the morning with a face foam, afterwards applying a few drops of 12 per cent Vitamin C serum (£65) press into the skin and leaving for a minute to absorb. The same should be done with M peptide (£90) patted around the eyes and next apply factor 50 sunblock for the day (Heliocare £25).In the evenings we used an Exfoliating Gel Combo (£40), left on the skin for up to five minutes. The product will feel warm and prickly on the skin but subsides in less than a minute and our skin has been soft and glowing ever since.

Bianca Estelle Aesthetics: Medical Microdermabrasion

Bianca Estelle Aesthetics: Medical Microdermabrasion (£75 or £375 for a course)Need to get rid of build-up on the skin that contributing to excessive shine or make-up not gliding on the way it used to?Simple and quick enough to get in a lunch hour, medical microdermabrasion here is performed using the M2 Turbo, the most advanced machine available on the market. A high pressure stream of crystals with multiple exfoliating facets on each surface are delivered onto the skin’s upper outer layer and for more sensitive skins the Diamond Tip platform provides a lower intensity exfoliating treatment.So if you need help turning back the hands of time safely after a few sessions in the sun, we recommend freshening up your complexion with a session of microdermabrasion to improve the look of your skin.

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