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Exclusive: Jorgie Porter on getting her confidence back after struggling with 'bad skin'

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Jorgie Porter regularly wows her fans with her chic make-up looks and striking selfies, but the 28-year-old has revealed she previously struggled with "bad skin", which garnered some negative comments. Now Jorgie, who is Proactiv's new brand ambassador, has shared how she got her confidence back – including her secret to her now radiant complexion.


Jorgie Porter opened up how she got her confidence back

"In the past when I was sixteen, I had horrific skin," she told HELLO! Online exclusively. "I used to get shouted at like, 'pizza face'. That was before social media, when people could hide behind it. This is when people shouted in your face about how bad your skin is. I've dealt with really bad skin for a really long time."

Jorgie explained that when she landed the role of Theresa McQueen on Hollyoaks, the show's producers and make-up artists worked hard to give her the support she needed to find a solution – and finally found Proactiv products, which she revealed "eventually" cleared up her skin.

The star, who lists Blake Lively, Nicole Scherzinger, Alesha Dixon and Lena Dunham as her beauty icons, revealed she sticks to the golden rules of skincare: cleansing, toning and moisturising. However, she revealed she likes to take her time when it comes to cleansing her skin, especially with her job requiring her to wear make-up on set.

The actress often wows her Instagram followers with her striking selfies

"Obviously because I wear a lot of make-up for work and stuff, I start with the exfoliator, cleansing with the water," she said. "Also there's a brush which is an electrical one, which you can swish around, and I like to do a little massage on my face. Sometimes I'm there for a really long time!"

The British beauty explained that as well as seeing an improvement to her confidence with her clearer skin, she learnt how to "block the haters" who had previously commented on her skin.

"I've had it done verbally to my face, so I don't care," she said. "You shouldn't care what people think. Then again, it is your confidence and there's things you can do to make yourself feel better. Block the haters or do something about it."

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Jorgie is Proactiv's new brand ambassador

Jorgie, who had dazzled fans with her performance on Dancing on Ice, admitted that she's even seen a change when she hits the gym, being able to go make-up free. "I've said before, it's the fact that when you go to the gym you cannot wear make-up because you sweat on it," she explained. "I've become more confident and I speak to more people in the gym now."

To stay in shape, the actress revealed she prefers classes to hitting the treadmill. "I love dance classes and getting active in a way that it's like a secret," she said. "You think, 'Oh my goodness, my bum's gone tight and I don't know why', because you've been doing secret squats in your dance routine."

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