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The truth behind common skincare myths

August 2, 2016
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Nowadays we have access to a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the world of beauty, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine which rules are true and should be followed. Luckily, have busted some of the most common beauty myths and shared what they discovered with us…

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We look at the truth behind common beauty myths

Myth: all make-up causes acne

If you’re taking your make-up off correctly and consistently, there is no evidence that backs up the myth that your products will give you spots. Make-up is designed to stay on top of the skin rather than melt into your pores. What can cause acne is by not taking your make-up off at night, as this can cause breakouts.

Myth: expensive products work better than cheaper ones

When it comes to your products, it's all about the formula and ingredients, not the price. Some luxury products may only contain basic ingredients, and there is no proof that cheaper items are harmful to skin or hair.

Myth: natural ingredients are better for your skin

Just because a product includes natural ingredients doesn't mean it is organic – they could have just been extracted or purified into the formula. However, not all synthetic ingredients are necessarily bad for your skin – just make sure to research the products before you buy.

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Natural ingredients don't necessarily mean a product is organic

Myth: drink more water to help dry skin

Dry skin doesn’t mean that it’s calling out for water or moisture. When dry skin occurs, the skin cells become damaged or depleted and this can cause a flaky texture. As well as using moisturiser, you must be careful not to cause any more harm to the outer layer such as sun damage. 

Myth: when a product tingles or stings, it’s working

Products that cause your skin to tingle are called counter-irritants, which means they work by causing inflammation in one area to reduce inflammation in deeper or fellow areas. This isn’t always beneficial to the skin as there is still minor damage taking place – research what works for you before you apply, and if you're unsure speak to your GP.

Myth: clean skin squeaks

False: This is a myth that goes way back! The truth is that if your skin squeaks, it is too tight. This can happen by using the wrong skincare products for your skin type – always make sure to know what’s best for you before purchasing.

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Make sure to research what works best for your skin

Myth: choose products for your age

It's not about the age of your skin, it's about your skin type and concerns. Whether you are 21 or 61, you can still have dry and dehydrated skin or oily skin. Not everyone in the same age group has the same skin so products cannot be tailored to a specific generation.

Myth: if you leave it long enough, your hair will clean itself

Some people believe that if you don’t wash your hair for long enough it will start to clean itself. This is not true – a freshly washed hair and scalp can make for healthier and happier hair. If you don’t wash your tresses often enough, you could find yourself getting an itchy and flaky scalp.

Myth: Steam can be used to open pores

False: While pores do open and close, they do not have muscles of their own and cannot simply open or close because of steam. What steam does is loosen the dirt inside, giving you a clearer complexion. 

Myth: if you pluck a grey hair, seven more will appear

It is impossible to increase the number of hair follicles on your head from plucking out one. This myth first originated because when a grey hair follicle has formed, usually another one is forming nearby.

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