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Lorde talks suffering from acne for 'years and years' 

Lorde spoke frankly about her acne problems on her Instagram stories

Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Lorde has opened up about difficulties she has with her skin, and listed some of the advice that people have given to her about her skincare routine that she finds frustrating. The 21-year-old, who has previously spoken out about her problems with acne, shared several clips on Instagram Stories, where she can be seen using acne LED light therapy. She said that she often told: "You know what worked for me? Moisturising! Make a mask out of honey, Greek yogurt, and avocado! All you need to do is buy an apricot scrub! Coconut oil. The secret is coconut oil!"

acne lorde© Photo: Getty Images

Lorde spoke candidly about her skin problems

Lorde rolled her eyes at the suggestions, adding: "And the very worst one, of course, is when people think you just dirty. 'Do you wash your face?' It's like, 'Yes! I wash my face, I'm just genetically cursed!'" She then reached out to anyone struggling with acne, telling them: "For everyone out there who's got actual bad skin — not the kind of bad skin that you can just wear fancy cream for a couple days and it gets better — I feel your pain. We'll get there. I promise."

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The Green Light singer isn't the only star who has spoken out about her skin problems recently; Kendall Jenner has also addressed her battle with acne. Following her appearance at the Golden Globes, she simply wrote: "Never let that [expletive] stop you," while referring to her skin. In a blog post from 2015 about her skin troubles, she added: "Where it really impacted me was how self-conscious I became about it. It completely ruined my self esteem," but added that it was "a part of life for some people and it doesn't define who you are".

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