The £6 charcoal skincare soap that will cure your back acne is finally back in stock

The miracle skin treatment that takes care of bacne

Acne is a hugely common health problem and according to the NHS online, the condition affects us all at some point in our lifetime. Oily skin on your face - particularly back acne can be very uncomfortable. There are so many natural home remedies and various soothing creams you can try – but lately, there's a product which has been taking Instagram by storm, and that's Carbon Theory's charcoal soap. The £6 soap is packed with tea-tree oil and charcoal and has been hailed as a 'miracle' for blemished skin. The main ingredient of charcoal is great for drawing out all those nasties, including deep-rooted bacteria, toxins and pesky excess oil.

£6, Boots

We all know the deal with tea tree oil too – it's a dream for reducing inflammation and is renowned for calming the skin. The product is so simple to use too – you simply add warm water on to the cleansing bar and apply it to your back, leaving it for 30 seconds and rinsing thoroughly. Your spotty back should clear up quickly – meaning you can wear back-baring tops all summer long.

Clear Improvement Mask, £26.50, Origins 

Speaking of charcoal, one of Origin's top-selling products is the Active Charcoal Mask. The Clear Improvement Mask comes in a generous 100ml tube and its active ingredients of Bamboo charcoal draws out the dirt that builds up in clogged pores and especially thefact it's combined with White China Clay which dissolves impurities.

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It's great for skin sufferers that have a hard time with angry acne as it doesn't have any parabens, phthalates or mineral oil included – it's a fresh formula that encourages naturally clear skin.

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The website recommends that you dampen your face with a towel after a hot shower – which will gently open your pres. You then apply a thick layer of the mask (which comes in a liquid format) and leave on your face for ten minutes. You will notice that it dries speedily, leaving a sheen. Then you rinse thoroughly and watch your skin get a whole lot better.

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