Mandy has finally grown up and found peace and stability with ex-public schoolboy and international model Ian Mosby

The news of Max's impending arrival only nine months into their relationship was a big shock, the couple admit

Mandy´s wish for her son is simple: "I want him to be healthy, to have peace of mind and a sense of security"


On May 9, exactly five minutes past midday, Mandy Smith’s life changed forever when she gave birth by Caesarean section to Max Harrison Mosby. It sealed the happiness she’s found with her fiancé Ian Mosby, an ex-public schoolboy with a classics degree who has graced the catwalks of Paris, Milan and New York.

Looking fit and tanned, they make a striking couple. “And now Max has made our lives truly complete,” Mandy says with a smile. “The weird thing is, I feel like I’ve known him forever – and so does everyone who was around during the pregnancy.”

At last, the troubled girl who came under the spotlight at the age of 13 seems to have found true contentment and stability. She became involved with Rolling Stone Bill Wyman in her early teens, wedded him at the age of 18 and then fled the marital home within weeks. Another marriage, to footballer Pat van den Hauwe, lasted barely two years. Then there was the mysterious digestive disorder, still not satisfactorily diagnosed, which ravaged Mandy’s fantastic figure and caused her weight to plummet to a skeletal six stone.

Embarking on a new, happier chapter in their lives, Mandy and Ian invited HELLO! to their elegant apartment in Brighton, where they´ve found their perfect retreat from the hectic pace of London. For the complete story and pictures see the new issue, on sale now.