Saudi woman completes emotional drive to mark the end of a ban on female drivers – video

The drive marks the end of the ban on female drivers in Saudi Arabia

Emily Horan

Saudi female racer Aseel Al Hamad has completed an emotional drive to mark the end of a ban on female drivers in Saudi Arabia. A successful racing driver, Aseel has driven many times on foreign soil, but never on home turf. That all changed on 24 June 2018, when the ban was finally lifted. To celebrate the important moment in history, Aseel drove a lap of honour in a stunning electric blue Jaguar F-TYPE, set against the sandy backdrop of her "beloved country" of Saudi Arabia.

"I've always loved cars since I was young, I remember playing with my brother's car toys instead of my dolls," Aseel reminisced before the drive, adding: "I hope I can inspire women around the world to always follow their dreams." Aseel, who is the first female board member of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation, described the drive as "the best driving moment of my life." As she stepped out of the car after her monumental lap, a beaming Aseel looked visibly emotional.

Watch Aseel Al Hamad make history below:

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She joined forces with Jaguar to make sure this historic day will be remembered for years to come. Together, they kicked off World Driving Day on 24 June, a global programme inviting both men and women all over the globe to celebrate the enjoyment of driving. "I hope people around the world will share in our joy today by sharing their most memorable driving story using #worlddrivingday," said Aseel.