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WATCH: A woman's song about being alone on a train goes viral thanks to hilarious twist

Can we get her song to the top of the chart?!

stevie train video© Photo: Twitter
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
March 13, 2018
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Everyone knows that being alone in a train carriage can be a lot of fun. So when a woman, known only as Stevie, found herself alone on the carriage of a train in the US, her first thought was to film herself dancing around while loudly singing a made-up song about being all by herself. However, in the last moment, Stevie, who was sending the clip to a friend, realised that she was not in fact alone, and that there was a man sat on the corner of the carriage, causing her to burst out laughing after spending nearly a minute singing. Pulling faces at the camera, Stevie sang: "I'm on the train all by myself, nobody's on the train or with me, it's just me and me and nobody in the seat… This is my stop, short video, going to get off the train now I'm all alone."

stevie train video© Photo: Twitter

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After a beat, she continues: "Oh my God. I just realised there's another person on this train!" Pointing to the other passenger, she sang: "You have a good day," before telling him to have a good night. Her friend tweeted the video, writing: "Please enjoy this fantastic video of my friend Stevie. It's one of my favourite things ever."

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Viewers were quick to comment on the hilarious moment, with one writing: "No but for real, I've literally done this before, and with dancing. Getting a train car to yourself is magical. So I'm sure that other passenger completely understood." Another person joked: "HAHA It makes me so happy! I like her. I wanna be her friend. This is how 'doing a really exaggerated running man/flail dance' AT my bf while dog-walkin' goes. Like half the damn time, there's some cloaked walker-arounder like gtfo of the sidewalk, pedestrian. Need to flail."

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