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Kezia shares experience of being at step-son Barack Obama's big day

kezia obama

From leaving her home in Bracknell to sharing a hotel with new US Vice President Joe Biden and joining former world leaders at the inauguration of her stepson

Barack Obama

, Kezia Obama has had an incredible couple of weeks.

Now back home in Britain after her American adventure, the 69-year-old has shared a unique inside look at the historical day upon which her young relative became the United States' first ever black leader.

"It was a lovely moment," says Kezia, who chose to wear traditional African dress to the Capitol Hill ceremony. "As the crowds starting cheering and Barack became President, I just pulled in my breath."

Kezia - who was married to Mr Obama's late Kenya-born father and is mum to three of the President's half brothers and his half sister – has described the new American leader as "relaxed but emotional" just before he was sworn in.

"If my husband, Barack's father, could have been there, he would have been very, very proud," she said.

While she was in America Kezia got to experience some of the perks of having a presidential step-son, including an exclusive look around the White House. "Barack was there to greet us, he gave us a tour right round the place. The Blue Room. East Wing, and the Oval Office – everything," she revealed.

Photo: Rex
Kezia, pictured at her Berkshire home, joined other members of the Obama family in Washington to see her step-son Barack inaugurated as the US' first ever black President - a moment she said would have made her late husband "very, very proud"

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