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HELLO! among the Queen's reading material

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As you'd expect, the Queen likes to keep up with current affairs. And when it comes to staying in the loop with society and celebrity news, of course HELLO! would feature on her reading list.

In her private sitting room in Balmoral, where she is pictured chatting to Prime Minister David Cameron, the Queen keeps the tabloids and broadsheets to the left, and the magazines, including a couple of issues of HELLO!, to the right. But while her reading material is neatly organised on a table, the rest of the Queen's room has a more cosy and mismatched feel to it. The tartan carpet clashes slightly with the floral armchairs and thistle-printed curtains, and the stacks of documents on her set of drawers makes it clear that this is a room that is used a lot.

Overall the sitting room has a definite air of warmth and cosiness. The Queen keeps dozens of photos of her loved ones, including those of the Queen Mother, in frames dotted around the room. There are even photos of the Queen herself, as well as some of her beloved horses. The room also contains several lamps and vases of fresh flowers. There are lots of mementos in the room, too. She has a collection of rocks scattered across a table, knick-knacks such as mini china corgis, and a little white teddy bear with a blue neckerchief that peeks out from between the air fresheners. After this glimpse into her private life, it’s clear why the Queen feels so at home in her countryside estate.

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