David Beckham thinks Kate Middleton and Prince William will be "amazing parents"

David Beckham has revealed that he thinks Prince William and pregnant Kate Middleton will be "amazing parents" and has even given the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge his blessing to call the royal baby David.

"They're going to be amazing parents because they are so loving towards children," he said during an interview with Sky News. "We've seen William grow from that young boy into an unbelievable gentleman. And that as a father is really important."




Talking about names for the little one, David jokingly suggested his own name. "David's pretty good… if it's a boy of course!" he laughed.

David and William struck up a friendship after working together on the London Olympic bid in 2007.

The footballing star and his wife, Victoria Beckham, attended the wedding of William and Kate in 2011.

Talking about his own children, David revealed that he encourages them to be active. "Well as a parent I’ve always been obviously a sportsman kind of that’s always been outside, keeping active, keeping fit and I’ve kind of imbedded that into my children. I think it’s so important that parents do that because I think it’s so important in not just to a sportsman, sportswoman, I think it’s important in life for kids to stay healthy, for kids to stay fit, to eat the right things, to drink the right things," he said.


He also revealed his wife's exercise regime, revealing that she does morning runs. "She's up at 6.30 every morning running," he said.

"She's very fit," he added. "Harper sits there and watches her so she's learning but the boys are always out. They’re always doing some kind of sport."

Talking about the family's recent relocation from LA to London and whether it's a permanent move, David said, "London will always be our home. You know that’s never going to change but you know we’ve got a home in LA still.

He added, "We regard that as a place where we had such an amazing time living there and the American people kind of welcomed us like one of their own and that was … that was very special. So we’re spending a bit of time in London, we’ll also spend a bit of time in America so we’re kind of jumping from place to place.