10 photos to celebrate Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary's 10-year love story

Crown Prince Frederik and Princess Mary's paths first crossed at the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Despite the thousands of miles between them, their love continued to blossom after the prince returned to Denmark with the couple keeping in touch over letters, emails and phone calls.

Giving everything up for her future husband — her house, her family, her friends and her job — Mary travelled to Denmark in secret to accept Frederik's hand in marriage. The Australian beauty impressed the nation as she built her new life, learning the language, getting used to living in the public eye and taking up residence in AmalienborgQueen Margrethe II's official residence where Frederik had an apartment.

Frederik and Mary tied the knot on 14 May 2004 at the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen. The future King didn't attempt to hide his emotions from the hundreds of people who attended the ceremony and the millions who watched from around the world.

Upon seeing his beautiful bride, Frederik took out a handkerchief and wiped away his tears. The world smiled as they saw the military-trained prince transform before their eyes into a tender, loving man. "From today, Mary is mine and I am hers," he said at the altar. "I love her and I will protect her with all my love."

Ten years have passed and the couple have welcomed four children together — Prince Christian, Princess Isabella and twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine — but it seems like only yesterday when Frederik and Mary first fell in love.