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Prince Felipe VI of Spain's coronation: the schedule in detail

princess letizia balcony

The Spanish royal palace has revealed new details of Prince Felipe VI's coronation on Thursday. The future reigning monarch will be sworn in one day after his father King Juan Carlos abdicates in the presence of Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and 150 other representatives on Wednesday evening.

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Princess Letizia, Princess Sofía, Prince Felipe and Princess Leonor

During the two ceremonies – the abdication and the coronation – the Spanish people can expect to see the traditional solemnity and dignity that is expected of historical occasions, but also a certain level of austerity given the country's current economic climate, royal spokespersons said. Preparations are already being made at the Royal Palace of Madrid, with staff pictured planting white flowers outside the lavish residence, while shop shelves have begun to stock royal memorabilia bearing the names and faces of Prince Felipe and his wife Princess Letizia.

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King Juan Carlos and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy

King Juan Carlos' abdication Before the king can legally abdicate, a law will be passed and approved by Mr Rajoy and the Spanish government, which will state that King Juan Carlos is stepping down. This ceremony will take place at the Royal Palace on Wednesday 18 June at 6pm local time (5pm UK time). A total of 150 authorities have been invited to witness the act.

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King Juan Carlos, Princess Letizia, Prince Felipe and Queen Sofía

Prince Felipe VI's coronationThe future king will officially be sworn in and ascend the throne on Thursday 19 June, with the morning ceremony kicking off at 9:30am local time (8:30am UK time). 9:30am – King Juan Carlos will hand over his military sash to his son Prince Felipe, during a ceremony at the Palace of Zarzuela, located on the outskirts of Madrid. The palace is the de-facto residence of King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía. 10am – The newly proclaimed King Felipe VI, his wife Queen Letizia and their two children Princess Leonor, who will be then known as the Princess of Asturias and Princess Sofía will leave the palace and head to the Spanish Parliament. 10:30amThe family of four will arrive at the Spanish Parliament accompanied by Queen Sofía and other members of the royal family, excluding King Juan Carlos to give all attention to his new reigning son. King Felipe will give a speech, the national anthem will be sung and the constitution will be reiterated. 11:30am – King Felipe and his family will be driven around the streets of Madrid to greet the Spanish people, ending at the Royal Palace. Once there, King Felipe, Queen Letizia and their two daughters will stand on the balcony to wave to wellwishers below. King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía may also make an appearance. 1pmReception and lunch held at the Royal Palace in honour of the new reigning monarchs.

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