Matt LeBlanc reveals what Prince Harry and Prince William were dying to know when they met at the polo

Matt LeBlanc has revealed what happened when he met Prince William and Prince Harry at a polo match. The actor said that the brothers were only interested in finding out when a Friends reunion would happen when they talked after the game.

"I went to this exhibition polo match one time, the princes were there and they were playing," Matt told Conan O'Brien. "I went to this thing. You get invited by the royals, you go.

"There was a big line to go and meet them afterward. So I went and I got in line and met the princes… both of them, William and Harry."


Matt LeBlanc said Prince William and Prince Harry were only interested in a Friends reunion

The 47-year-old drew laughter from the audience as he said: "All they want to know is, 'When is the Friends reunion?' That's all they wanted to know about."

Matt had a shocking response to the princes, as he revealed that he swore at them, but insisted they were "really cool" about it.

The Episodes star has since met Prince Harry at a bar and said: "Actually, I was in a bar one time and Harry was there and I ended up sitting at the same table with him. He's a lot of fun."


Prince William and Prince Harry met Matt LeBlanc at a polo match

The royal family are no strangers to the show, as Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, briefly made a cameo in the finale of season four.

Prince William has previously spoken of his love of television programmes including Downton Abbey and Homeland. The royal said that he and his wife the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, are avid fans of the Channel 4 drama as he awarded Damian Lewis an OBE in November.

Speaking about his chat with William, Damian revealed: "He said 'Catherine and I are huge Homeland fans'".

The Prince also said he was really looking forward to the Christmas episode of Downton Abbey as he spoke to the show's executive producer during their trip to New York.