Sarah Ferguson: Princess Diana would have been 'the naughtiest, funniest' grandmother

Sarah Ferguson knows exactly what kind of grandmother Princess Diana would have been to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s son Prince George.

Sarah, Duchess of York, was feeling the love while visiting The Meredith Vieira Show

Prior to Diana's death in 1997, the two were extremely close. “She would have just been the naughtiest, funniest and the best ever,” Duchess of York said while appearing on The Meredith Vieira Show. “Just because she loved her boys so much and she would be so proud of all of them and what they’ve achieved.”

Sarah and Diana were very close confidants shown here in 1987

Sarah’s adoration continued for Diana’s children. She added, “They really are extraordinary boys and Catherine is incredible. I just think it is all goodness and we need to hear more about goodness, and Diana would have loved that.”

Prince William and his lovely wife were also topic of conversation. “I believe in love,” she stated. “I believe in the goodness of love, and I think they are a beautiful example of a great family, totally in love and with that little George, so squishy — you know you want to eat him.”

Diana pictured here with young William and Harry in the summer of 1986

In April, 17-month old George will become a big brother when the royal couple welcome their second child. Sarah was asked about reports that they are expecting a little girl that they will name after Diana. She replied, “Umm, no, I have not heard that.”

Meredith also touched on a heavier subject — the allegations against Prince Andrew. Even though they divorced in 1996 after 10 years of marriage, Sarah continued to defend her ex-husband, “Knowing him as I know him, he’s one of the greatest men I’ve ever met in my life and my best friend and great father to my children.”

The 55-year-old further explained, “I don’t understand in this day and age how people could make salacious lies up and how the media can then write about it and then follow up on it… This is defamation of character, of a person that is the opposite of how he’s being portrayed. Buckingham Palace put out a denial on his behalf, that’s how it works with the royal family. They stand by that denial. There is nothing more to be said.”

But there is — we want to hear more about the little Prince!