Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall sips Australian wine at London tasting

Australia Day, which celebrates the beginning of British sovereignty for the island nation back in 1788, certainly calls for a celebration, and the Duchess of Cornwall was happy to oblige. Although she was 10,000 miles away in London, the royal took part in an event with Tourism Australia that featured yummy food and some fine wine from Down Under.

Camilla took part in the meal preparations Photo: Getty Images

Camilla, 67, who is the president of the United Kingdom Vineyards Association, has spent her life around wine. Growing up, her father Major Bruce Shand was a vintner, and her grandfather, Philip Morton Shand, wrote a book about winemaking.

In 2013, she spoke at the opening of the new gravity-fed winery at Hambledon Vineyard in Hampshire. Also, in March 2014, she enjoyed a glass of rose as she participated in a wine tasting class at the new Wine Research Centre at Plumpton College in East Sussex.

On Monday, she clearly enjoyed the focus on the finest beverages out of Australia — their wine, of course. Princes William and Prince Harry's stepmother sipped on some reds from Josef Chromy whose specialty is Pinot Noir as well as others from Chateau Tanunda.

The Duchess certainly knows her vino Photo: Getty Images

Josef Chromy and Chateau Tanunda were two of the vineyards sampled Photo: Getty Images

Camilla assisted in Australian chef Lynton Tapp's cooking demonstration at the Violin Factory in London. Prince Charles’ wife also chatted with British chefs Clare Smyth and Rachel O’Sullivan.

Camilla celebrated Australia Day with Australian chef Lynton Tapp and Rachel O'Sullivan, John Torode, Bill Granger, Luke Rayment, Christian Honor and Clare Smyth Photo: Getty Images

Camilla wasn't the only royal celebrating Australia Day. Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was named a knight in the order of Australia, for his contribution to the country over the course of his wife’s soon to be 63-year-reign. (The Queen was crowned on February 6, 1952.)

All in all it was a G'Day for Australia and the royal family!

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