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The Queen, Elizabeth II

The late Queen Elizabeth II, born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary in 1926, ruled for longer than any other monarch in British history.

During her 70-year reign, the late Queen was much loved and respected by people around the world. She was known for her quick wit and sense of humour, as well as her passion for horse riding, equestrian sports, and her beloved corgis.

Away from the public eye, Lilibet, as she was known by her family, was married to Prince Philip, the late Duke of Edinburgh. The couple wed at Westminster Abbey in 1947, then moved into Buckingham Palace, and went on to welcome King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. 

She and Philip – who died the year before her at Windsor Castle in 2021, where they spent most of lockdown – shared eight grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren.

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