6 things you want to know about Kate Middleton's second royal baby

Prince William and Kate Middleton have proven time and time again that they want to give their children as normal of a life as possible despite their royal status. First son Prince George is widely kept out of the public eye unless participating in an official engagement with his parents and the same will likely to hold true for baby number two.

But being part of the royal family comes with some traditions that are impossible to break. Starting with greeting the world just hours after being born, a royal baby is set on a path of fame and with that comes responsibilities their peers won't necessarily have.

Prince George made his grand entrance into the world shortly after he was born Photo: Getty Images

"At this point there's nothing that differentiates George from any other baby," royal expert Victoria Arbiter tells HELLO!. "When being royal starts to play a role is when there's certain expectations like how the baby behaves."

Like their grandfather, Prince Charles, who sat through the long coronation service of his mother at age five without making peep, George and his brother or sister will be expected to have proper manners.

Prince Charles behaved at his mother's coronation service Photo: Getty Images

"That will be the expectation moving forward when they have to partake in the official engagements," adds Victoria. "The [second child] will have to support George in royal duties, fundraising, charitable appearances and all the things royals do."

Royal children are expected to be on their best behaviors Photo: Getty Images

Though William and Kate are going to try as long as possible to not make their children feel different from any other child, there are some rules a royal baby must follow. And as the Duke and Duchess prepare for their second child, they must take into consideration a lot of factors as the world watches on.

Where will the little prince or princess go to school? Who will be his or her friends? When will Prince George meet his baby brother or sister? We answer all your burning questions about what the rules and roles of being a royal baby entail.

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