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The fabulous life of a royal baby: lavish vacations, thousands of gifts and more

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Even before Prince George was born he was living thelife of a king. His mom Kate Middleton was still donning designer duds andtaking lavish vacations well into her final months of pregnancy.

Pregnant Kate Middleton months before giving birth to Prince George Photo: Getty Images

When the little prince finally made his grand entranceinto the world on July 22, 2013, he wasalready getting the royal treatment. Within the first days of his life, membersof the press greeted him and he had his photograph splashed all over the world.Not to mention, one the first people to hold him was the future king of Englandand dad, Prince William.

Prince George made a grand entrance into the world Photo: Getty Images

And like any newborn, George had to head home from thehospital. But his home just happens to be Kensington Palace. As the littleroyal grew, he took his first steps, had his first photo shoot, and got toexperience things most never will in their lifetime.

The royal baby's playground is a high-end polo match Photo: Getty Images

From vacations in high-end spots like Mustique to receiving thousands of gifts and owningone-of-a-kind antiques, this royal baby is living a fabulous life even beforehis second birthday.

Little George didn't even open his eyes for his first photo shoot Photo: Getty Images

And with the arrival of baby no. 2 just around thecorner, we rounded up all of these lavish details to know what's in store forthe next little prince or princess.

Click on the picture below to learn more about a royal baby's fabulous life:

Photo: Getty Images

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