Prince Charles and Camilla: 10 years on

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary on Thursday. A decade on from their private wedding ceremony at Windsor's Guildhall, Camilla has become an incredible asset to the monarchy with an effortless charm and warm nature that has seen her become increasingly popular with the British public.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall married at Windsor's Guildhall

Despite her previous vow never to touch royal duties "with a bargepole", Camilla has taken to her newfound responsibilities with ease. Now she joins her husband to carry out almost 300 official engagements each year and has been praised for her work as a patron of numerous charities.

Over the past decade, much has changed for the monarchy – but Charles' unwavering devotion to Camilla remains a constant. The Prince recently praised his wife for her "charm and charisma" in an interview with CNN's Mark Foster.

Charles recently praised his wife for 'her charm and charisma'

When asked whether it was a challenge for Camilla to define her own public role following their marriage, Charles replied: "You can imagine it is a real, real challenge. But she's, I think, been brilliant in the way she's tackled these things."

Despite taking on a prominent role in the royal family, Camilla ensures she always makes time for her own family – her son Tom Parker Bowles, daughter Laura Lopes and five grandchildren. The 67-year-old enjoys private time with the family at her own home, Ray Mill House in Wiltshire – a place to retreat when she wants peace and quiet away from the trappings of royal life.

The Duchess of Cornwall has a great relationship with Princes William and Harry

The mother-of-two has also developed a good relationship with Charles' sons Prince William and Prince Harry, along with William's wife the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton. Following their nuptials Harry expressed his gratitude that Camilla has "made our father very happy" and it is a sentiment that appears to have lasted.

Indeed many have observed that Charles appears to be incredibly content with Camilla by his side. Royal biographer Penny Junor told HELLO! magazine's royal correspondant Judy Wade that Camilla "lights up his life".

"It's obvious that they love one another, which is a great start, and she is very supportive of him and he is very proud of her.

"There is no element of competition in their relationship. She doesn't outshine him. She's been clever with his children, too. She hasn't tried to take over as a stepmother… All in all, she has made the burden of [Charles'] role so much lighter."