Princess Charlene on twins: 'Jacques is the boss, Gabriella is a real princess'

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco say that at just 7 months old their twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella already have their own personalities. Speaking in a joint interview to celebrate Albert's 10 years on the throne, Charlene tells Paris Match that Gabriella is "a real princess" while heir to the throne Jacques already takes after his dad.

"Jacques is a real boss," Charlene, 37, told the French magazine. "He's grown a lot and seems to have taken after his father. He only needs a little sleep, and he's looking around all the time... He's very observant and has developed a real protective side, which he directs toward his sister Gabriella. They interact in their own little world. It's amazing to watch them."



Little Prince Jacques is "very protective" of his older sister Princess Gabriella, says Charlene Photo: Getty Images

As for her daughter, South Africa-born Charlene said: "We've noticed, funnily enough, that she's developing a real princess attitude. I can tell you that her favorite color is pink and that 'no' is a word she doesn't like."

It's also no surprise that the former Olympic swimmer's children are water babies. "Our children share the same passion as us for the water," Charlene continued. "I'm sure they'll be swimming before they can walk."

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The tiny Prince took a quick nap during dad's 10th anniversary celebration Photo: Getty Images

While 57-year-old Prince Albert has his hands full running the principality, he also finds time to be a hands-on dad with the twins. "He's an excellent father," Charlene shared, who recently paid an emotional tribute to her husband. "He loves his children and is very affectionate with them. Family life is very important to him.

"It's always touching to see him talking to our children. Sometimes I catch him speaking to Jacques or Gabriella mid-conversation, and he's holding them in his arms with such tenderness."

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Former Olympic swimmer Charlene called her husband Albert an "excellent father" Photo: Getty Images

The couple, who married in 2011, welcomed their twins on December 10, 2014. Their babies' most recent high-profile appearance was earlier this month when they supported their dad Albert at his anniversary celebrations.