Prince Harry grows beard, poses with baby rhinos in South Africa

As celebrities around the globe celebrated World Elephant Day, Prince Harry was photographed at work with a pair of rhinos in Africa – the first picture of the British royal since he headed to the continent for a 3-month-long "dream job" volunteering for conservation projects. The Prince also showed off a brand new beard as he posed alongside volunteers after visiting the Khulula Care for Wild in South Africa.


Prince Harry got to know a baby rhino named Warren and participated in a round of feedings Photo: @AfricanConsExp

Prince Harry spent several hours with both the team and volunteers, exploring the compound joined by a baby Rhino named Warren and getting to know the animals during a feeding round. "We are sure that getting to know the charismatic little rhino as well as the team who are doing such dedicated work will fuel Harry’s interest in conservation. Royalty for Rhino!" read a statement from the organization.


Like brother Prince William, Harry is passionate about conservation issues Photo: Getty Images

In June, a Kensington Palace spokesperson confirmed that Prince Harry would spend 3 months fully entrenched in front-line conservation projects in southern Africa, covering a variety of projects in Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania and Botswana. "The Prince has worked closely with conservation experts from several organizations, including the Zoological Society of London, to design a program that will give him a first-hand insight into the urgent challenges faced by people on the ground working to protect Africa's natural heritage."


The visit was part of Harry's 3-month work trip to southern Africa Photo: Getty Images

The Prince's schedule also has included being embedded in a first-response team of rangers fighting poaching attacks and working alongside wildlife veterinarians. "After this period, Prince Harry will be one of the best-informed ambassadors for the conservation community on what is really happening on the ground in Africa," affirmed Jonathan Baillie, Director of Conservation Programmes at the Zoological Society of London.

Harry's sibling Prince William, who recently awarded a ranger in Kenya for his anti-poaching efforts, clearly shares a passion with his little brother. "The Duke of Cambridge has played a vital role in rallying the biggest players in global conservation to work together," said Jonathan. "Over the past year he has put the fight against the illegal wildlife trade on the agenda of the Presidents of both the United States and China."